May 15th is Pentecost Sunday, observing the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples and the other followers of Jesus.  That morning we will celebrate Pentecost, a Mosaic Service (all of our international congregations will join us for worship),  baptism and more.  There will only be one service, meeting in the sanctuary, and everyone is invited to wear red as it’s the color of Pentecost.   So join us on May 15th at 11:00 am as we celebrate the birthday of the Church!

Pentecost Serve Blitz Day On Pentecost Sun., 5/15 we celebrate both the diversity and the unity of the church with a mosaic service. Join us on 5/14 for a day when all the churches meeting at the Forest Hills campus come together to serve our community. Projects include a Habitat for Humanity build, inventorying items for Connections Preschool, cleaning up a home for refugees, and much more. To view our list of projects and register, click here!