Got some summer reading plans? Well before you go out and buy some required reading for school or grab some paperback novels for the beach, we want to invite you to take part in our church-wide July reading challenge! 

During the month of July, we’ll be working our way through the Book of Proverbs. With 31 days and 31 chapters to get through, we’ll share a snippet of each chapter in a daily email delivered right to your inbox along with a brief devotional thought. While we won’t be able to cover all the content in each chapter, we encourage you to start each day with these devotional thoughts and to read the entire chapter that we’re in for that day if you have time!

To take part in our church-wide reading challenge for the month of July, register below. There, you'll find options to receive daily scripture readings via email. You must register to receive these updates - they won't be sent to you unless YOU want us to! 

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