Recognizing Anxiety in our Refugee and Immigrant Friends

On Thursday, November 12th at 7 p.m. Central Time, Samira Izadi Page, Executive Director of Gateway of Grace Refugee Ministries,  will shed light on the struggles faced by those fleeing their home countries to take refuge in the United States. The discussion focuses on teaching participants to:

1. Understand aspects of the emotional process inside refugee families and communities.

2. Identify emotional and spiritual problems within these systems.

3. Implement Christ-centered ways to help refugees resolve their emotional problems.


Please join us for this important information. Refugees are coming to virtually all of our metropolitan areas. The Syrian crisis has highlighted for us yet again the terrifying ordeal that many refugees go through. This webinar will give anyone in contact with refugees tools to use as they come alongside them in their efforts to adjust to a new life.


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