Wednesday Night Dinner Survey

 We appreciate your input as we gather information concerning our Wednesday night meal and programming. 

 Please one survey per person.

(1) What is your age range? *
(2) Do you have school-age children who attend Forest Hills? *
(3) How often do you attend Wednesday night activities at Forest Hills: *
(4) If you do not currently attend the fellowship meal on Wednesday night, is the menu one of the reasons why? *
(5) Although each of these are important, what is the primary reason why you come to Forest Hills on Wednesday nights: *
(6) Would the requirement for a dinner reservation prevent you from attending on a Wednesday night? *
(7) What is the most you would pay for the fellowship meal? *
(8) What day of the week would be best for you and/or your family to attend an evening event such as a meal, Bible study, small group, etc. at church? *
(9) How many times have you volunteered to help with any aspect (greeting, collecting money, serving food, clean up, etc.) of the Fellowship Meal over the past year? *